Monday, April 4, 2016

Chainmaille Project 104: Persian 3 in 1 Sheet

Chainmaille  Project 104: Persian 3 in 1 Sheet 5

Cost: $25 plus Materials

Length of Class: 2 Hours

Chainmaille AR: 
 Rings that work for normal Persian 3 in 1, will work here but will become compacted because you are linking through the base. You need to weave about 3 inches longer to compensate not only for the compaction but for evening the ends up. It is easier to remove unneeded rings than add more. 

Rings that Work:
Michaels 9 mm Jump Rings 24 rings per inch (fluid weave)
               7 mm Jump Rings 36 rings per inch
Ring Lord 18g 1/4" 30 rings per inch

Class Description:

In this class, we will take the Persian 3 in 1 and create a sheet of the weave for a wider necklace or bracelet. The 5 refers to the number of other jump rings passing through it.

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