Monday, March 28, 2016

Rings 102

Rings 102
Cost: $25.00 plus materials 
Length of Class: 2 Hours

Class Description:

A continuation from Rings 1, we will be adding beads to the ring mix making around 3-5 rings, once again depending on the rate of learning and if everyone has their own mandrel. 

NOTE: I prefer a  Steel Ring Mandrel which you can get on Amazon over the ones sold at Michaels and Joanns. This way you can hammer on it. If you don't want to order-Michaels has an aluminum one that is better than the plastic ones Joanns sell (They are not 100% round but have a flattened back). Also Hobby Lobby has a smaller ring mandrel (does not make anything over a Size 10 I believe), that can be used for light hammering (better than those at Michaels and Joanns but not like a steel one.

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